Checking out the New Rates

... for conventional mortgage rate vs chartered bank prime lending rateOnce a year I like to take a look at home insurance rates to see if they’ve changed. I’m a person who likes to save money whenever I can, so if I see a deal that will give me more affordable rates, I’ll take it. This year I switched to a different insurance provider because their rates were lower. I found the provider from a website that had a lot of new deals on home insurance rates. The new insurance plan that I have comes with all of the standard things that my old plan came with, and includes a few extra pieces of coverage.

My neighborhood is a pretty normal neighborhood without a lot of natural disasters or a high crime rate. The chances of something like an earthquake, flood, or tornado coming by and destroying my home are pretty low. As long as I’ve been living in this neighborhood, no one has ever been robbed or burglarized. Even though none of these things have happened, it is nice to have these things covered by insurance just in case they do happen. Of course, having an insurance plan that will cover all of these things will result in higher rates, but since my new plan includes all of this for one low rate, I don’t have anything to worry about.

The deadline for having health insurance is coming near, and I hope I can find the same kind of low rates that I was able to find for my home insurance. Some of my friends have been able to get a tax credit due to their income, and hopefully the same will happen for me. Last year I didn’t qualify for the credit and had to pay for all of my insurance premiums out of pocket, which I would rather not have to do.

Saving Money for Retirement or for the Now?

As I’ve grown older over the years I have begun to realize how incredibly important it is for me to begin investing. When I was younger my parents never did anything to encourage saving money or doing anything with investing my income. In my later teens and early 20′s, I found myself struggling with saving money and found myself wondering how exactly I was going to go about saving for my retirement. That’s how I came upon pairs trading after a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of trading in order to earn the kind of money that I would need to retire.

Part of me really dislikes the idea of saving money just to retire. It’s like having a single goal in life and that goal is to wait until I’m old enough to really enjoy the money. Is that what I want to actually do with my life? I’m saving money for the twilight of my life – will I even have the kind of energy to do anything with myself? I’ll have money but I’ll already be old enough that I won’t be working. I’m beginning to think that is the wrong way to go about saving money.

Shouldn’t I instead be focusing more on saving money in order to enjoy myself through the years? There’s so much more to my life than waiting until I’m old enough to retire. I should be saving money to travel and see more of the world. I won’t have the energy that I do now to see the world. I won’t have the youth to really appreciate the world. I think, perhaps, I should do more to enjoy the present rather than focusing so much of my energy on a time for when I’m older and declining in energy.

What You Need to Know About Pairs Trading for Stocks

You may be kind of confused about pairs trading for stocks, but it’s really pretty simple. Basically, its just trading two stocks that are highly correlated (or that have a lot in common). Say you have two stocks that are similar such as Coke and Pepsi (KO and PDP). These businesses are pretty much alike, and their stock prices behave in a similar way, too.

Still, sometimes there’s some difference or divergence in the prices of these two stocks. When this happens, it’s smart to buy the stock whose price has dropped. Then you short sell the other stock whose price has increased. When they line up again, you exit and rake in your profits on the balance of your two trades. This lets you profit when stock prices fall!

Is Pairs Trading Harder Than Regular Trading?

No! Not at all! When you do this, you are considered to be market neutral because you are not attempting to divine which direction the market or a particular stock will go. You are just making a bet on the divergence between two stocks that are similar. That’s a lot easier to predict than market or stock direction.

Is It Hard To Learn?

It’s pretty easy to learn how to do pairs trading if you have good instruction. There are quite a few good courses online. One of the best is from Jared Mann, who has had a lot of experience and has created some stellar software for pairs trading – Pairtrade Finder.

His course is the most complete one available today. It comes with a copy of the software and a thorough collection of course lectures and file downloads that will leave you completely knowledgeable, licensed and ready to trade. At just under $500, it’s really a great value for anyone who’s serious about pairs trading.

Getting Energy Plans the Smart Way

Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...People can say all they want about wanting to be greener and friendly the environment, but the bottom line is that we all rely on energy sources every day. Whether it is gas in a car or the power lines running to a house, it is often hard to get away from this dependence in today’s society. Sure there are some expensive alternatives out there, but at the end of the day most households simply have to do what makes sense in terms of convenience and financial capabilities. Reliant Energy in Killeen is one way of accomplishing these financial goals without having to make many sacrifices to get there.

After all, everything from refrigerators to televisions can eat up energy even when you are not thinking about it, so finding a good rate is really important. It is downright surprising how much power can be used by household appliances even when they are shut off or the owners are away. This means that even small differences in rates can add up quite quickly, so settling for a company that overcharges is downright foolish. Of course just in the name of saving money nobody wants to be stuck with an unreliable company that does not give quality service.

The key is finding a strong balance between pricing and reputation, which is what Reliant brings to the table. Rather than worrying about problems that will take forever to get fixed or contracts with fine print that can cause nightmares later, they make the entire process incredibly simple and relaxing. Best of all, for those that are really trying to cut down or save money, they also offer some special plans that can aid in the process of lowering usage or saving money. In fact, they even have plans that work with new technologies like solar panels, making them one of the most flexible providers out there.

Examining the Health of an Economy

When I made the decision to take the job that I was offered in Texas, I was taken back by the amount of industry, business and the competition that exists in the state economy. It’s easy to forget how large Texas really is and with the amount of natural resources that they have at their disposal, as well as bordering along with Mexico and multiple states, it really gives them access to trade that many states do not have. That’s why finding Reliant Energy in Texas was a great happenstance. When I began looking around for an energy provider, I discovered multiple companies instead.

Where I’ve lived I have grown used to the idea that there is only one energy company available to me. It’s much like the idea of an ISP – you usually will only find one and it’s easy to just accept that is a fact of life. It’s just normal, so we take whatever prices that they have to offer us. Here in Texas I have instead found that you are actually able to shop around for a price that can fit the budget that you are trying to match up with. Nowhere else have I been able to do that.

Looking at how healthy Texas’ economy really is has made me realize that other states should be encouraging competition within the business industries within their borders. If they allow a handful of companies to provide everything for the residents of the state they will see very little progress being made in those industries. It’s my hope that the recent proposal by Comcast and Time Warner will be seen as a example of the sort of dangers that are inherent within a monopoly. It’s not just the consumers which suffer but the economy of a state as well.

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